“I Wish For You” Books or Cards


  • Construction paper (about 3 pieces every 2 books cut in half lengthwise – will make 6 pages each) – can be changed to only 1 piece for a card.
  • Foam Pieces (optional but helpful!)
  • Cover material – Felt, Cardboard, Watercolor painting, Foam
  • 2 Brass Brads
  • 6” yarn
  • Tapestry needle or paper clip
  • Hole punch or strong paper clip to make holes


  • First step is to decide on the book cover material – will it be a watercolor painting, cardboard, foam sheets, or felt?
  • I like to make the cover as interesting as possible – so it can have layers of materials and/or decorations. (maybe cut out shapes so you can see-through to the next page?)
  • Decide on the size and shape of the book – keep the front and back of book a continuous piece – fold the cover in half and cut edges to get desired shape and size. Select the inside paper and fold in half. Add pages to book.
  • Sew pages and cover together using the drawing as a guide.
  • Cut a piece of foam (best!), felt, or thick paper that is long enough to be attached to the back and then wrap around the open pages to the front.
  • Attach the strap to the back of the book with the brad from the outside in, so the round part shows on the outside.
  • Then, attach the brad on the front so the round part of the brad is on the inside and the prongs are on the outside.
  • Ok – now they are ready to write a message inside. I thought it would be nice for them to write a poem for whomever they are giving the book or card to.
  • After reading some of Wishes, Lies and Dreams by Kenneth Koch, I thought it would be fun to try an “I wish for you…” poem throughout the book or card. They can write things that they know would make the receiver feel good, or things the receiver has been wanting for Christmas, etc. Just a fun way to get some writing in. If it is a book they made they can write “I wish for you” on the first page, then a new wish or sentence on each page. And if it is a card, they can write the whole poem on the main page.

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