Glue and Pastel Drawing


  • Black paper
  • White chalk pastel
  • White Glue or Hot Glue (hot glue is faster)
  • Assorted chalk pastels (fluorescence if possible)


  • The subject matter for this project can be virtually anything – flowers, portrait, neighborhood, underwater scene, animals, abstract design, still-life, etc…
  • They will draw out their design with white chalk once the patient has decided on the subject matter.
  • Use white glue or hot glue to trace over the chalk lines. Practice controlling the flow of the glue on scrap paper. If you are using white glue let the glue dry undisturbed overnight.
  • Let the students complete their designs with the colored pastels. Use a finger tip to push the color into the edges of the glue. Remind them to use only one finger when blending and to push the color into the edges of the glue.
  • Have the students practice blending colors while talking about using colors in unusual ways to create a mood.
  • Spray with fixative or hairspray to set the pastel.


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